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Why Join our RE/MAX Horizons Team?



Horizons Realty’s Mission Statement is to help  Horizons Agents sell more Real Estate!


Horizons provides education for you to flourish financially within your business and a great company environment for you so that you may flourish personally!


                                       We believe family comes First!                                                      We go about our days ethically, respectfully, and with integrity!                               We honor each other by being competent, and educated!                           We pride ourselves on being cutting-edge in the practice of real estate!

We embrace Everyone!


              Horizons is more than your typical brokerage.                                                                        

1.            Established Brand: Working under a reputable brand provides agents with a strong market presence and brand recognition. This can give them a competitive edge and instill trust among clients.

2.            Impressive Sales Performance: The claim that their agents sell an average of 15 properties per year, twice the national average, indicates a high level of productivity and success within the brokerage. This track record suggests that agents can benefit from a supportive and productive work environment.

3.            Favorable Commission Structure:  Horizons Realty suggests that the cost of doing business with them is lower than what agents might expect, indicating a commission structure that allows agents to retain a larger portion of their earnings. This can be a significant incentive for agents looking to increase their income potential.

4.            Higher Income Potential: By keeping 95% of their commission, agents at  Horizons Realty can potentially earn considerably more income compared to other brokerages with different commission splits.  However, if you have the “Go and Do it” attitude, they do have alternative commission splits to help any agent feel comfortable.

5.            High Dollar Volume: The average dollar volume of $4 Million for their agents in 2022 showcases the brokerage's ability to handle substantial-value properties. This reflects their market presence and experience in dealing with diverse transactions.

6.            Comprehensive Support:  Horizons Realty claims to provide its agents with technology, education, and support, ensuring they have the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their careers. A supportive environment can help agents grow their skills and achieve their goals.  With the amount of agent longevity at this office, the current agents can help new agents of  navigate the current and future nature of our industry.

7.            Positive Work Culture: A positive work culture is essential for agent morale and motivation.  Horizons Realty's emphasis on a positive culture implies that they value their agents' well-being and professional growth. Their agents are hard-working, full-time career-oriented agents.   Horizons is the place to grow your business

8.            Real Estate Market Dominance: The claim of being a top real estate company in terms of property sales suggests that  Horizons Realty has a strong market presence and a reputation for success. Joining a dominant brokerage may provide agents with more opportunities and exposure in the market.  Education, floor time, discounted pricing on designations, networking opportunities, a worldwide referral system, national television ads, billboards, and electronic media are just a drop in the bucket of what is available to  agents.

Most Importantly I am a NON-Competing Broker:   I have been with RE/MAX for more than 35 years and do not list or sell.  I simply provide you with a great work environment, staff, and tools to help you concentrate on real estate. 


Matt Schall, MPM    



Here at  Horizons Realty, our two main commission plans provide varying flexibility and competitive payout. Every Agent has the opportunity to earn the 95/5 commission split, no matter what plan they choose.

We also provide an amazing staff to assist with your Marketing, MLS, Follow-up, and much more. So you can concentrate on selling real estate.


75/25 Commission Split

Once the Associate reaches a $24,000 Broker Fee CAP (amount collected by Horizons) Agents are moved to a 95/5 split for the remainder of the anniversary year.

95/5 Commission Split

This plan is designed for the seasoned agent who doesn’t mind paying a monthly Office Fee and recognizes the advantage of a high payout.

This is the commission that  has become famous for. On this plan you will receive the largest commission payouts for each closing.

You will have the freedom to build your business without all the stress.


    Transitioning to Horizons

    • Introductory Advertisement/Announcement/Social Media Blitz
    • Personal assistance setting up your website.
    • Full use of our Highly Efficient & Knowledgeable Team, trained to help you grow your business
    • Unlimited access to Advanced Technology: .NET
    • Fee-free leads through .com
    • Leads through OpCity & Rocket Homes
    • Access to RE/MAX University, where you will find thousands of FREE “How-To” videos
    • Worldwide advertising & brand recognition
    • Advanced marketing/technology tools
    • Ongoing education in business & systems training
    • Option of floor time to answer incoming sales calls & walk-ins
    • Desk, laser color printer, private phone number

    We will also provide you with:

    • 2 Personalized  Horizons Realty name badges
    • Initial box of 500 personalized business cards
    • 4 Residential signs
    • 10 Note Cards
    • 10 beautiful presentation folders